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Part 2: Webinar Addresses VFD Questions

May 16, 2019 by John Maday
In late March, FDA released its draft Guidance for Industry 120, which aims to address questions that emerged since implementation of the current Veterinary Feed Directive rules in 2017.

Part 1: Webinar Addresses VFD Questions

May 15, 2019 by John Maday
When the FDA issued its final VFD rules back in 2015, they also released a draft guidance for industry offering answers to anticipated questions regarding application of the rules in common and unusual circumstances.

Consider Low-Input Beef-Heifer Development

May 09, 2019 by John Maday
Ranchers place a high priority on heifer pregnancy rates, while also understanding that, at some level, high development costs can cancel out the economic advantage of a small increase in pregnancy.

Safe Travels

May 06, 2019 by John Maday
Just about every cattle producer with a pickup truck also has a stock trailer to connect to it, but many don’t give their trailer a lot of thought.

Assess Transportation Stress

May 03, 2019 by John Maday
Farmers, ranchers and veterinarians have long known that transportation can induce stress in cattle, and have adopted practices intended to minimize that stress.