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Dewormed calves get head start in the feedlot

Dec 21, 2015 by Glenn Selk
Cow-calf producers that are considering retained ownership of the calves through the feedlot may wish to consider deworming the calves before shipping. Research at Iowa State University (Source: Clark and co-workers.

Mineral program for cows on wheat pasture

Nov 03, 2015 by Glenn Selk
Some Oklahoma cow calf producers will use wheat pasture as a major source of winter feed for beef cows. If wheat pasture is the predominant feed in the diet of mature beef cows, providing an appropriate "wheat pasture"

Why have a calving season?

Oct 12, 2015 by Glenn Selk
One of the most asked questions in the cattle industry in the Southern United States: If I "pull" the bulls out for part of the year, won't I lose an opportunity to get a few calves? Should I leave the bull out with cow

Marketing cull cows

Oct 09, 2015 by Glenn Selk
Some culling of beef cows occurs in most herds every year. A few cows will become reproductively unsound, broken-mouths, bad udders, open, and/or just plain OLD. If feed resources are available, some producers may wis

Wet pastures and foot rot

Jun 01, 2015 by Glenn Selk
Spring rains have filled the ponds and now the summer grass is ready to start growing vigorously. As the temperatures heat up, cattle will start to congregate around or in the ponds or other standing water. One of the

Breeding cows and heifers on wheat pasture

Dec 09, 2014 by Glenn Selk
Many areas of Oklahoma have grown some wheat pasture for use as winter feed. Some producers may have questions about the utilization of wheat pasture for growing replacement heifers or cows before, during, and after th