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Dan Murphy: Meat of the Mitre

Feb 21, 2019 by Dan Murphy
For the ever-growing chorus of vegetarian activists, Lent now brings a new opportunity: A chance to challenge Pope Francis to go full veggie for the duration.

Surviving the Anthropocene

Jan 22, 2019 by Dan Murphy
A new, super-dense report on the future of food provides more detail than you ever wanted to know. But its conclusion is simple: Less meat, more veggies.

Dan Murphy: ’Tis The Season

Dec 27, 2018 by Dan Murphy
For anti-industry activists to gin up their fund-raising appeals — just in time for their acolytes to divert some Christmas cash to the cause … of destroying production agriculture, that is.

Dan Murphy: Rotten to the Bone

Dec 17, 2018 by Dan Murphy
Not much firsthand data is available on how our prehistoric ancestors lived; sadly, there was no YouTube 250,000 years ago. But new research suggests what they ate was seriously primitive.

Dan Murphy: Ruler of the Restaurant

Dec 11, 2018 by Dan Murphy
Wondering what the 100 Hottest Food Trends for 2018 might be? Wonder no more. Despite the media’s salivation over alt-meats and veggie eats, meat and poultry still dominate foodservice.

Murphy: A Call To Action

Dec 05, 2018 by Dan Murphy
It’s time for serious pushback on the ongoing narrative that raising livestock and eating meat is why the world faces environmental and public health problems — and it starts with producers.

Dan Murphy: On Becoming Like Cows

Dec 03, 2018 by Dan Murphy
Of all the spirit animals about which we might fantasize, cows are way down most people’s lists. But given the ‘lifestyles’ of modern bovines, maybe we ought to reexamine our priorities.