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Biden’s Top Trade Pick Vows to Stay Tough on China

Congress got a clearer view of President Biden’s trade agenda this week as the Senate Finance Committee questioned Katherine Tai, Biden's nominee to serve as the United States Trade Representative.

Rapid Drop in U.S. COVID-19 Cases Could Spur More Beef, Pork Demand

U.S. data shows COVID-19 infection rates are now down to levels not seen since early fall, a sign economic recovery could also take shape. As more consumers venture out to restaurants, it could also help meat demand.

USDA Projects $4.20 Corn, Chief Economist Explains Why

USDA’s Ag Outlook Forum painted a brighter forecast for corn demand this year. While USDA does expect a 7% increase in production, the agency is also forecasting an increase in domestic use, as well as exports.

True Grit: A Tribute to Ranchers Who Weathered the Extremes This Week

The record cold temperatures and extreme weather had a major impact on ranchers across the country, but through it all, the men and women showed what the true definition of a rancher is.

Came Farms Plants Discipline with Focus on Family, Employees and the Future

Bill Came is no stranger to reviving resources and making the most of ever acre of land. The Cames are proof that when you make makes sure no stone is left unturned, while focusing on the future, growth comes naturally.

Natural Gas Shortage Forces Feedyards to Reformulate Feed, Packing Plants Pause Production 

While some in the cattle industry know the switch from flaked corn and wet distillers to feeding cracked corn was out of necessity, they fear there could be a huge increase in cost of gain.

Senate to Vote on Vilsack's Secretary of Agriculture Confirmation Next Week

The Senate has scheduled a vote on Tom Vilsack’s nomination for Secretary of Agriculture on Feb. 23. In early February, the Senate Agriculture Committee unanimously approved President Biden's pick to lead USDA.

Cattle Margins Forecast to Grow, As Weather and Feed Costs Are Wild Cards for 2021

As drought continues to grip the West, some protein analysts think cattle producers are still looking at better pricing opportunities in the back half of 2021.