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Waiting on the feed truck
Justin Sexten: Alternative Feeding Value

For technology to have value, it must be predictive in both the sick and healthy to minimize treating healthy calves and find those sick calves early.

Luck is a poor business model.
Justin Sexten: The Value Of Options

As many operations look to navigate the challenges imposed by Covid-19, it seems timely to consider the value of a system built around optionality.

Technology can help prevent treating cattle that are not ill.
Justin Sexten: Unseen Costs, Clear Opportunities

We often consider the saving or revenue opportunity from technology, but this data reveal where the unexpected opportunity lies in the middle, preventing unnecessary treatment or finding calves we didn’t know were ill.

Justin Sexten: Simple Technology to Improve Reproductive Success

The number of sensor based technologies available to livestock producers continues to advance. Today there are machines and sensors being used to replicate human observation related to sight, sound and even smell.

Making data-driven decisions
Justin Sexten: Improving On Average

Which is more financially advantageous on your ranch if the average is the same, uniformity from top to bottom or bottom-end discounts offset by premiums from top-end excellence?

Behavior monitoring proves beneficial for feedyards.
Justin Sexten: Data-Driven Decisions

New research highlights the ability of behavior monitoring to predict disease while enhancing health outcomes and making the pen rider's job easier.

The technology available today won’t replace stockmen but it certainly can make their job easier.
Justin Sexten: What Can We Learn From Simple Measures?

Imagine how valuable a technology could be in your animal health program that provides a daily list of calves not visiting the feed bunk or water tank in the last 24 hours.

What is your definition of traceability?
Justin Sexten: The How And What Of Traceability

Our view or definition of traceability and the process involved shapes our perspective of the premium and implementation cost.