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Consumers care about your management
John Nalivka: Consumer Input Into Your Cattle

Important to meeting global demand and U.S. consumer demand is the growing desire of consumers to have input in how livestock are raised.

1 year ago
The industry's success relies on quality beef.
John Nalivka: The Beef Industry’s Future

It is disconcerting to watch as a few become disruptive at a time when the beef industry is realizing very positive progress in moving to satisfy the most important aspect of any business – the customer.

1 year ago
Chinese markets lend sign support to U.S. agriculture.
John Nalivka: Thoughts On Tariffs

John Nalivka says Americans must look at the bigger picture and our relationship with China as we discuss this complex topic of tariffs.

1 year ago
Until recently, markets were created by humans making buying and selling decisions.
Nalivka: Influence Of The Tyson Fire On Cattle Markets

While the fire was unfortunate, the industry suffered more from an over-reaction by cattle markets in the week immediately following the fire.

1 year ago
The controversy over wild horses is as heated as ever.
John Nalivka: Wild Horses - Grazing Management And Economics Gone Awry

Congress passed the Wild Horse and Burro Act in 1971, and the law and its stated objectives led to controversy that is as heated today as it was a half century ago.

1 year ago
Sterling Marketing projects the January 1, 2020, cattle inventory will be 0.7% lower.
Nalivka: On The Mid-Year Inventory

USDA's first estimate of the annual calf crop, released in its mid-year inventory report, may be the most important survey number for cattle producers, says John Nalivka.

1 year ago
Markets are the result of human interaction.
John Nalivka: Algorithms, Fundamentals And Forecasting

Market fundamentals are dynamic and how these fundamentals affect different people in the supply chain and their reaction is the foundation of market analysis.

1 year ago
A temporary restraining order will stop Steven and Dwight Hammond from using their federal grazing permits.
Nalivka: The Intersection Of Coincidence And Skepticism

A U.S. District judge issued a 28-day temporary restraining order that will stop Steven and Dwight Hammond from using their federal grazing permit near their ranch in Diamond, Oregon.

1 year ago