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Membership model announced
U.S. CattleTrace Releases Membership Model

U.S. CattleTrace, a not-for-profit that securely maintains and manages data collected as part of disease traceability, announced the release of its model for membership.

2 weeks ago
Feeder cattle
Nathan Smith Hired as General Manager for Top Dollar Angus

Top Dollar Angus Inc. has announced Nathan Smith as its new general manager. Originally from Pratt, KS, Smith now resides in Colorado and maintains a small cow-calf herd.

1 month ago
Beef for the holidays
Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. Hosts Celebrity Chef Jet Tila

Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. hosted a virtual “Roast and Toast” food influencer holiday event teaching a select group of food influencers how to cook the perfect Prime Rib Roast.

1 month ago
Huera billboard in Madrid.
Plant-based Meat Brand Heura Sued by Spanish Meat Associations

Heura, Europe’s fastest-growing plant-based meat brand, has withdrawn a provocative advertising campaign following legal action from the meat industry.

1 month ago
Cattle feeding
Methane Emissions Reduced By Novel Feed Ingredient

A two-year large-scale trial in Alberta, Canada has successfully demonstrated that a novel feed ingredient, developed by Royal DSM, can be included in commercial feedlot diets to reduce methane emissions by up to 80%.

1 month ago
Red Angus calves
Auction Markets Earn Red Angus Recognition

Four auction markets were recently recognized for their crucial role in supporting Red Angus producers through tactical marketing and strategic partnerships.

1 month ago
Startup Challenge
Beef Alliance Announces First-Ever Startup Challenge

The Beef Alliance Startup Challenge is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to align the customers of technology (cattle feeders) with the creators of technology (startups) to put high impact solutions to work.

1 month ago
Cow at sunset
NIAA Named Beef Checkoff Contractor

NIAA proposed a plan that will allow farmers and ranchers to learn and engage on the importance of responsible antibiotic use in animal agriculture.

2 months ago