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Fed Cattle Hit Record Highs for Two Consecutive Weeks

Cash fed cattle prices eclipsed last week’s all-time record by posting gains of $3 to $4 per hundredweight this week.

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Cattle Markets Keep Marching Higher

The government shutdown did little to dampen the enthusiasm drifting through the cattle markets.

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Cattle Market Posts Record High Price

Beef packers scrambled to fill orders last week and were forced to pay record prices on Thursday for Midwestern fed cattle.

Cattle Prices Could Break Records this Week

Cash fed cattle prices may equal or surpass record highs this week. Here's why.

Feeder Cattle Prices Set Record Highs, Calf Prices a Runaway

The rally continues for feeder cattle prices as new all-time highs were posted last week.

Zilmax Impact

Merck voluntarily pulls beta-agonist from U.S. market after Tyson refuses to purchase Zilmax-fed cattle.

Shrinking Cattle Herd Leads to Shrinking Retail Market Share

America’s shrinking cattle herd has fueled a price rally that has cattle producers cashing significantly larger checks this fall.

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How to Leave Money on the Table this Fall

Feeder cattle prices are called a “runaway” this week. Declining corn prices has prompted cattle feeders to bid up yearling cattle prices to dizzying heights, which is great news if you’re a seller.