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Fly Control Recommendations for Livestock Producers

Integrated pest management is commonplace for controlling crop pests and similar concepts apply to controlling livestock pests including using the right type of control at the right time for the right duration.

Livestock hauling
Bovine Emergency Response Plan Prepares First Responders

First responders aren't always trained how to handle an accident involving cattle. The Bovine Emergency Response Plan (BERP) teaches emergency responders to address accidents involving cattle transport vehicles.

Blue-green algae
Warnings Issued For Blue-Green Algae

As temperatures begin to increase, health officials in several states are warning livestock and pet owners to be aware of dangerous blue-green algae blooms.

Hot, humid days can trigger heat stress
Watch for Heat Stress, Summer Pneumonia in Beef Cattle

Producers should be aware of the increased risk of "summer pneumonia" in suckling calves following heat stress. An increased respiratory rate and stress of heat may overwhelm the natural defense mechanisms of the lungs.