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EPA finalizes CAFO rules

The Environmental Protection Agency has finalized a rule helping to protect the nation’s water quality by requiring concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) to safely manage manure.

Stockpiling Strategies

There is an inexpensive feed option for your herd this winter.

Cattle Healthline

How to Protect High-Risk Calves.

How to Market Preconditioned Calves

Don’t just sell preconditioned calves, market them.

Tips to reduce weaning stress

There are ways to reduce the stress associated with weaning for both calves and cattle producers.

Market Thoughts: Free Markets For Free Men?

Congress and regulatory oversight agencies have held hearings to examine the role of speculation in commodity markets.

Other Voices: The Courage to Counter Popular Myths

Behind the mad cow disease protests, we are told, lie the wrong personnel decisions President Lee Myung-bak made.

Animal Health & Nutrition

Management is Key to Preventing Postpartum Diseases