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NAHMS Begins Preparing Cow-calf Study

During 2017, USDA’s Animal Health Monitoring System will focus on the cow-calf segment, collecting data from producers around the country.

Electric Fence Roundup: $how Me The Money

Whether you’re looking for a permanent fencing solution or want something portable for your grazing system, there are many cost and management benefits to utilizing electric fence.

Grass Versus Grain: Question 6

Student’s questions reflect consumer concerns over beef production systems. Question 6: In your experience, do you think a cow prefers consuming grass or corn?

CEO Schumann Leaves American Angus Association

According to a letter sent out today addressed to American Angus Association members by the association’s board of directors it was announced CEO Bryce Schumann is no longer with the organization.

Treatment Decisions

Diagnosing BRD is easy, says Mike Apley, Kansas State University microbiologist—as long as nobody’s checking your accuracy, that is.

New Generation: Creative Expansion Solutions

One of the cattle industry’s current challenges is finding ways to get the next generation of producers established.

Letters to the Editor

Read letters from Beef Today's readers.

Second Beef Checkoff Plan Scrapped

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says he will drop plans to create a new beef checkoff.