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Costs of Bulls Versus AI

Many cow-calf producers are asking whether artificial insemination (AI) or natural service bulls are more cost effective for their herd.  

Shorten the Breeding Season

Select for fertility and use estrus synchronization and artificial insemination practices to improve profits.

I'm a Drover: A Love Affair

Healthy food and improving people's lives has been the spice of life for chef Laura Hagen.

Cow, Meet Your Environment

Beef producers have seen trends in cattle type come and go, from the short and fat dwarf cattle of the 1950s to excessively large-framed giants of the 1970s and 80s.

NAHMS Seeks Input on Cow-Calf Study

The USDA’s Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) regularly conducts major studies of livestock-production segments to track animal-health related trends and practices. 

Trace Minerals and Cattle Reproduction

Mineral status plays an important role in cattle fertility, and using an injectable mineral product could provide more consistency than dietary supplements alone.

Don't Let Your Dollars Go Down the Wormhole

It’s not rocket science—controlling parasites is critical to herd health.

Profit Suckers: Parasites in Cattle

While there hasn’t been any recent academic institution research on the economic impact of parasites in cattle, a 2007 study, “Economic Analysis of Pharmaceutical Technologies in Modern Beef Production,” by researchers at Iowa State University, found deworming to be one of the most beneficial technologies available to beef producers.