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Prices trend higher
Packers have desire to keep inventory

Packers were eager to push their inventory higher last week and prices in all regions responded by moving $1 to $2 higher.

Cattle feeders were rewarded for patience last week.
Late Traders Take Advantage of Market Rally

In anticipation of reduced harvest during the holidays, packers are sitting in a good inventory position going into the next few weeks.

Cash cattle sold steady.
Cattle Feeders Let Packers Off Easy

Last week was one of the last chances for cattle feeders to push the market up to the $120-plus price range. Three packers were in the market to buy cattle by feeders chose to settle for steady money.

Cash cattle pushed higher
Board Pushes Cash Cattle Higher

The cash cattle market continues to be the best broken-record producers ever heard of late as three of the four major packer participated in the live trade last week.

All four major packers were active bidders.
Pre-holiday Cattle Trade Brings Unprecedented Results

Cash cattle traded higher again and all four major packers participated in last week’s trade, including Tyson for the Finney County, Kan., plant.

Cash fed cattle traded higher last week.
Anticipating Market Slow-Down Ahead Of Holiday

Packer market participation wasn’t as robust as it had been in earlier weeks, and packers have slowly added to their inventory ahead of the holidays.

Cash cattle traded $2 to $3 higher.
How Much Higher Can Cash Cattle Go?

Strong wholesale beef prices keep packer margins solidly profitable and encourage packers to be aggressive participants.

Packers were still hunting front end cattle late last Friday.
Are Packers Slowly Ceding Leverage To Feedyards?

Packers were still hunting front end cattle late last Friday, knowing that feeders would have their sights set on a higher December board for the trade this week.