You Can’t Stop This Two-legged Ranch Dog From Working the Herd

Patton, a blue heeler ranch dog, lost his front legs in a farm accident a couple years ago. But a custom mobility cart lets him do the farm work he loves. ( WTHR TV )

The hardest working employee on this farm does his job with a happy smile, a wagging tail and a huge heart. Patton, a two-legged blue heeler dog, takes his job running cattle seriously. 

After Patton lost his front legs in a farming accident a couple years ago, his owner, Korby Kost, who owns and operates a feedlot in Carrington, N.D., built a custom mobility cart to let Patton be outside doing what he loves.

“We call him the wheeler heeler," Kost told KFYR TV. "He loves it, it's what he lives for. Yeah, loves chasing cattle."

Kost has spent nearly $5,000 to keep Patton going after his many surgeries.

"He gets away with a lot more than a normal dog would. He's a pretty spoiled dog. Still loves what he does, never holds back, and the only thing he don't like is getting left behind," Kost said.