Will drones transform agriculture?

Will drones transform agriculture?Drones may soon be coming to a farm near you.  

Capital Press reports at the drone technology forum last week, agriculture was recognized as an early-adapter.

Young Ki with Bosh Precision Agriculture explained that these unmanned planes, equipped with sensors and cameras, can rapidly transform agriculture by providing quick, detailed information on plant health, soil and water conditions, disease or pest outbreaks, and more.

Read, "Drone experts see booming ag market."

The U.S. is slowly opening up to the commercial drone industry. Within the next 20 years, some estimate unmanned aerial systems could become a booming, multi-billion dollar industry, and much of this growth may lie within agriculture.

"The technology is pretty new to our members, but as we go and technology gets stronger I see a huge market for it in the future," John Collison, Oklahoma Farm Bureau Vice President for Public Policy and Media Affairs, told Oklahoma"s News 9.    

Drones can even be used beyond corn, wheat and soybean fields to check on cattle. Read more here.


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