Wareham: King Ranch/NCBA Excellence In Ag Leadership Program

Participants in the 2019 King Ranch Institute / NCBA Excellence In Ag Leadership Program ( NCBA )

As a participant in the King Ranch Institute/NCBA Excellence in Ag Leadership Program and would like to briefly share about the experience. This program was created as that “next step” for cattlemen and cattlewomen who have participated in the NCBA’s Young Cattlemen's Conference or YCC.  Those still seeking opportunities to develop into a well-rounded manager of business, people and self, should take a long hard look at what these two organizations are doing. 

You will have the opportunity to grow as a business strategist and problem solver through their systems thinking workshop and complex business case study methodology.  Moreover, you will be prepared to become a better personnel manager and evaluator of human equity, as well as, be challenged and supported by members of your cohort group in open forum exchanges.  It is a constructive “metal sharpens metal” format that encourages leaders to seek out other leaders as personal and professional development resources.

Those that feel strongly about opportunities to further develop their skills, I would encourage you to put this program on your bucket list.  Selection for the fourth cohort of the King Ranch Institute NCBA Excellence in Ag Leadership Program will begin spring of 2020.  Inquire with either institution about your candidacy and take that next step toward sharpening your talents and strengthening a network of life-long relationships.

Last, those of you that are YCC alums and understand the importance of programs like these, reach out to NCBA and King Ranch Institute to find out how you can support their efforts to develop more leaders for our industry.