Veterinarians Share Perspective On BRD

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“BRD remains one of our largest health problems in the industry. By far it’s the most significant morbidity category…”

That assessment by veterinarian Tom Noffsinger of Benkelman, Neb., is a frustration shared by many in the beef production chain. Bovine respiratory disease (BRD), an infection of the lungs that causes pneumonia, impacts the stocker, feedlot and cow–calf sectors with an estimated $1 billion in production losses annually in the U.S.

Even more troubling, note many veterinarians and producers, is the fact that there are as many cattle dying from respiratory disease today as there were 30 years ago—despite advances in vaccines and technology.

To help advance management efforts in the battle against BRD, Drovers hosted a roundtable discussion on the topic with six leading veterinarians from across the country.

This special BRD Focus Report highlights their candid comments—from observed prevalence of BRD to dos and don’ts of suggested management protocols. BRD insight from more than 500 producers across the country who responded to an exclusive survey conducted by Drovers is also featured inside.

Read or download a PDF of the full focus report