Vegan activists attack farming toy

If you are thinking of buying this toy livestock trailer from Walmart to put under the Christmas tree this year, we would suggest grabbing it now instead of later.


It appears that even these toys are not safe from the likes of animal rights extremists.

Yes, you read that right – even toys meant for children are targets of these activists.  

Over the weekend, a petition was initiated by a vegan activist based in Canada. The petition urges fellow activists to ask C. Douglas McMillon, CEO of Walmart, to stop selling the livestock trucks.

"Normalizing the enslavement and murder of animals to kids is not ok," the petition stresses.

And people have responded. More than 10,000 people signed the petition in just four days.

Not everyone is persuaded by the petition.

"Why don't you all grow up? It's a toy. Not all cow wagons are slaughter rigs, just like not all trains are slave trains, not all ships are pirate ships," The petition's top commenter, based in California, wrote.  "And not all of you goody two shoes are all that perfect if you really think about it."

More of the petition's critics also pointed out that these trucks are used for more than just transporting animals to slaughter.

It's unclear how Walmart will respond to the petition, if at all. However, similar efforts in other retail sectors have succeeded in other instances. For example, in 2013, the children's clothing store Children's Place removed a t-shirt after the customers complained it sent the wrong message to young girls.