Updated: More than 30 cattle killed in semi accident

Editor's note: This story has been revised since its original posting on Sept. 16.

A semi-truck in Boise, Idaho, was hauling 120 cattle when it flipped just east of Boise. Two people were sent to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and dozens of cows were killed, initial reports stated.

Although earlier reports said more than 100 cattle died after a truck carrying the animals crashed east of Boise, Idaho on Monday, authorities are now saying that only 33 cattle actually died in the incident. The cattle were worth about $30,000, the Associated Press reported.

The Ada County Sheriff"s Office says that the driver was apparently driving too fast around a curve on shortly before 2:30 Monday afternoon, causing the truck to flip, KOBI reported on Tuesday. The cattle were being taken from a ranch in Kuna, Idaho to a feedlot in Texas.

Deputies originally said that at least three head of cattle were killed in the crash and that 101 of the 120 died from injuries or being euthanized due to injury, the Idaho Statesman reported Tuesday. However, those numbers have changed.

Silver Butte Holsteins, a dairy operation, was shipping the 120 Holstein steers to a feedlot in Texas. The steers were about 5 months old and each weighted about 400 pounds. Sam Preisler of Silver Butte Holsteins said 29 cattle died in the crash and four others had to be euthanized. So far, it isn"t clear why there was such a discrepancy in the number of euthanized cattle.

The remaining cattle became an insurance company"s property. The insurance company asked that the cattle to returned to Silver Butte Holsteins.


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