Trucks Carrying Migrants And Cattle Collide in Mexico

A wreck in southern Mexico involving a truck hauling cattle and a semi carrying more than 100 undocumented Central American migrants resulted in one person dying and cattle being scattered.
( Razon )

A truck carrying more than 100 undocumented Central American migrants collided with a cattle truck in Mexico, scattering cattle and killing at least one of the migrants.

Mexican news agencies reported the accident happened Saturday in the southeastern costal state of Veracruz, and a chaotic scene emerged, some of which was captured on cell phone videos ad posted on social media. One unverified video shows residents of the town of Cosamaloapan immediately descending on the accident site in an attempt to steal the cattle.

Witnesses told Mexican news outlet Diario de Mexico that residents were slaughtering the animals on the highway in order to take as much meat as possible while law enforcement agents looked on.

According to news agency Razon, a migrant from Central America who was being smuggled in the truck was declared dead on the scene. Another person suffered injuries and was transported to a local hospital. Sources told Razon that the truck carrying the migrants was traveling at a high speed to avoid being captured by local authorities.

The migrants immediately fled the scene and law enforcement officials have not  announced any detentions.

Below is a map showing the area in Mexico where the wreck happened: