Top Dollar Angus and Method Genetics Partnership to Benefit Cattlemen

Top Dollar Angus and Method Genetics are partnering in an effort that should help beef producers. ( Top Dollar Angus and Method Genetics )

Top Dollar Angus, Inc. and Method Genetics, LLC have reached an agreement whereby they will work together to benefit their commercial and seedstock customers. Both companies serve producers with superior genetics that are focused on making further improvements in all aspects of their herds. “We both support genetic improvement and work hard to make sure ranchers with top-shelf genetics are rewarded on sale day,” said Jared Wareham, General Manager for Top Dollar Angus. “Plus, our business activities are complementary. Method Genetics collaborates with beef herds to help them understand and quantify where they rank genetically and how they can improve, while Top Dollar Angus is focused on the marketing side, assisting producers with top 25% growth and carcass genetics in the Angus and Red Angus breed. We’re also committed to cattle feeders winning with these genetics.”

As part of the partnership, threshold levels for Top Dollar Angus qualification will be established using metrics calculated by Method Genetics for cowherds already in the Method Genetics system. “This will help our customers by providing enhanced marketing opportunities and greater premium price potential,” according to Bill Bowman, Manager of Method Genetics.

Additionally, Top Dollar Angus customers will now have the opportunity to work directly with Method Genetics for herd evaluation, DNA testing and for assistance in developing plans for further genetic improvement. “Our customers have made great progress in the genetic capability of their herds as they aim at a consumer-focused target, and Top Dollar Angus provides an excellent opportunity for participants to capture added value through multiple marketing channels,” said Bowman.

Both companies are an active part of what could be termed a genetic revolution that is taking place in the U.S. beef industry. Top producers are actively selecting for improved genetics through the use of EPDs, selection indexes and DNA testing---with excellent success. In doing so they are also creating a foundation for even greater financial rewards in the years ahead.