These Are the Challenges Facing U.S. Meat Exports, Economist Says

( Wyatt Bechtel )

What are the hot topics related to U.S. beef and pork exports? 

Erin Borror of the U.S. Meat Export Federation says trade with Japan, U.S.-China relations, Australian production and African swine fever, according to a USMEF weekly report.

“Right now, U.S. beef going into Japan pays the highest tariff of any of our import markets,” Borror says.

Pork, however, is not free from trouble.  While African swine fever has swept through much of Asia, this week another country was added to the list.

“It’s now in South Korea, which is a critical market for the United States.”

Tariffs for trade with Mexico and China have also altered U.S. meat exports, and Australia’s drought challenges will affect U.S. markets.

“We expect Australia to be getting into smaller production as the drought continues down there. For our top competitor, it is a very difficult situation on the supply side.”

However, Borrer says these challenges will create an opportunity.

“When I look around the world, I see tight supplies of beef, and that should mean further demand for U.S. beef.”

Borror is set to discuss these topics and more at the Urner Barry Global Protein Summit in Chicago Oct. 7 and 8, 2019.

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