A Texas-Size Tale That May Be True (Or Not)

Have you been to Quitaque, Texas? Or, Turkey, Texas? Did you know Roy Pigg? Have you ever been to a bar with Harold "Bud" Ham or Darrell Randall? Have you ever been to a guinea drop? Did you know that Harold "Bud" Ham, supposedly, shot Darrell Randall THREE times because he took some of his beer? Did you know that Roy Pigg, Mayor of Quitaque, was murdered THREE days before the guinea drop, he approved? If you know about any of this, it would be great to hear from you. We are in the process of trying to prove and/or disprove this Texas-Size Tale.

We would also like to know how elaborate this tale really is. How many people are involved? Are we talking about a conspiracy that rivals the college story about "snipe hunting?"

Dusty and I first started hearing about all this a few weeks ago in Omaha at the AABP Convention. We were out in the Old Market enjoying a great steak with a good friend of ours from Texas. It is important to note that he is a Texas A&M grad. Our friend is smart and quite the story teller. The problem is, he is popular and his wife went to Texas Tech. So, it could be very likely, this Texas-Size Tale may go beyond Texas A&M and the whole state could be involved. We are just not sure.

Dusty and I went to Kites on Friday to meet our friend from Texas and get "the rest of the story." Dusty said on the way over to Kites that he liked the place because we always have a lot of friends there. I told him that we have never (not once) seen one friend there. Dusty just likes it because it is a K-State bar covered in purple. Dusty thinks Bill Snyder is a savior. Kites does have good "lemonade" and "cookies."

I told our friend from Texas that this was the most untrue story that I had ever heard. In an attempt to verify his story, he called a very popular feedyard manager in Texas. I told him that the fact that he got a fellow cattlemen from Texas (probably from A&M) to verify his story meant something but certainly not conclusive. I am being vague about his story because I would like to hear from someone out there who may know something about this.

There is information related to this TALE on the internet. But, again I am not sure that it is real. Our Texas friend and his friends are resourceful enough to have some "searchable" material related to their tale.

From the Clarendon Enterprise:
Memphis – "I shot him out of meanness." "I shot him for getting into my beer." (Really?)

These statements resonated through the Hall County Courthouse last Thursday, September 11, when District Attorney Luke Inman began his closing during the guilt/innocence phase of the Harold "Bud" Ham murder trial.

Shortly thereafter, the Hall County jury convicted and sentenced Ham to 99 years in the Institutional Division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, along with a $5,000 fine.

Randall"s cause of death was three gunshot wounds to the head, two of which were nonfatal.

From UPC-Online:

Following a 3-year hiatus, the Quitaque, Texas Chamber of Commerce is again planning to drop guinea fowl from a moving aircraft 500 feet or more above the ground on Saturday June 1.

In 1998, the chief promoter of the "guinea fowl drop," Roy Pigg, was murdered by a townsman three days before the guinea fowl drop, but the animal cruelty stunt was held anyway. In 1999, Quitaque Chamber of Commerce president Bill Smith stopped the drop out of concern with "liability issues." More…

A few questions (for starters) for my Texas Brethren:

  • Why did someone shoot Roy Pigg? Was it in connection with the Guinea Drop? Did the person who shot Roy like chickens?
  • Does THREE mean something? Three Shots? Three Days before the Guinea Drop? Three-Year Hiatus?
  • Harold "Bud" Ham shot Darrell Three Times. 2 Were Non Fatal. Does that mean Harold "Bud" Ham felt 2 body shots were not enough for taking the beer?
  • Was the name "Roy Pigg" derived from the Dukes of Hazzard, i.e., Boss Hog? Does anyone have a photo of Roy Pigg? I am picturing a big man, balding hair, cigar smoking, with black boots?
  • How come there are so many "Pork and Poultry" names? Pigg? Ham? Turkey, Texas? Is that part of the joke because they are in the heart of cattle country?
  • Is the Clarendon Enterprise a real newspaper? Is there an editor out there that we can talk too?
  • Does Harold "Bud" Ham drink Budweiser? Is that the reason for his nickname?
  • Do they still guinea drop in Quitaque? Do they have to keep it secret to avoid a PETA backlash? Does anyone have a picture?

Please post your comments below or send me an email to Rob@CattleNetwork.com.


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