Study indicates natural beta-carotene product could reduce BRD

This week, a leading scientific publication published results of a study of the utility and mechanisms of OxC‐beta, a fundamentally new natural alternative to the use of antibiotics in livestock feeds.

The article outlines results of research from scientists from the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta. OxC‐beta is a feed-additive product for cattle, formed by full, spontaneous oxidation of beta‐carotene, developed by  Avivagen Inc.

The peer‐reviewed, article appears in the December, 2014 edition of the American Journal of Veterinary Research. Entitled "Anti‐inflammatory effects of retinoids and carotenoid derivatives on caspase‐3‐dependent apoptosis and efferocytosis of bovine neutrophils", it reports on the effects of OxC‐beta in a model of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD). The article notes that OxC‐beta promotes the resolution of disease‐induced inflammation without otherwise disrupting immune response to infection. The publication concludes that OxC‐beta could be a novel nutritional strategy that may confer benefits for cattle with respiratory tract disease.

A previous study, published earlier this year in the Canadian Journal of Chemistry explored the methods, compositions and exploratory immunological activity of the class of natural carotenoid oxidation compounds discovered by Avivagen. The article, entitled "Beta-Carotene Autoxidation: Oxygen Copolymerization, Non-Vitamin A Products and Immunological Activity," is available online.

Additionally, the journal PLOS ONE published research that provides underlying scientific support for a fundamentally new type of natural alternative to the use of antibiotics in livestock feeds for growth promotion and disease prevention. The peer-reviewed, scientific journal article detailing the biological activities of the fully-oxidized carotenoid technology is entitled "Biologically Active Polymers from Spontaneous Carotenoid Oxidation: A New Frontier in Carotenoid Activity." Read the paper online from PLOS ONE.

Avivagen believes this independent research and resulting publication provide additional evidence supporting the novel discoveries made by its scientists and collaborators concerning aspects of the chemistry and biological activity of the family of 600 carotenoids, including common health supplements such as ß‐carotene, astaxanthin, canthaxanthin, lutein and lycopene. Although popularly believed to act as antioxidants, Avivagen is bringing to light the ability of carotenoids to be completely transformed by spontaneous reaction with oxygen into natural compounds with previously‐undiscovered positive actions on immune function and inflammatory processes, according to a company release. The effects of fully‐oxidized carotenoids may also explain the health benefits from diets rich in carotenoid‐containing fruits and vegetables and the corresponding lack of consistent efficacy from direct dietary supplementation of carotenoids.

OxC-beta for Livestock is available as a 10 percent pre-mix sold in 1.0 or 5.0 Kg quantities for parts-per-million addition to animal feeds, in accordance with producer-developed protocols.