The Silage Doctor wants to see your #HappySilageFace

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Lallemand Animal Nutrition introduces the Silage Doctor #HappySilageFace social media photo contest to support state FFA associations, while boosting awareness of important silage management practices.

Social media users can visit the Silage Doctor Facebook and Twitter pages to submit pictures of their clean silage face for a contest judged by other Silage Doctor followers. The top three states with the most votes – indicated by "Likes" on Facebook and "Favorites" on Twitter – will receive a donation to their state FFA association courtesy of Lallemand Animal Nutrition.

Participants must include the hashtag #HappySilageFace in their post, along with the state they reside in to qualify for the contest.

Bob Charley, PhD, MSB, CBiol, Forage Products Manager, Lallemand Animal Nutrition North America, says the #HappySilageFace photo contest is a fun and engaging way to support a great youth organization while demonstrating the value of maintaining a clean silage face. "A clean, flat, tightly packed silage face is a truly visible example of good quality silage management," says Dr. Charley. "Keeping a clean silage face helps limit oxygen exposure, which in turn helps limit the growth of yeasts and molds and potential for mycotoxins in silage. It is also important to keep a tight, tidy silage face, without overhangs, for the safety of people working around the silage."

Participants may submit up to two photos from their farm, but may vote on as many photos as they wish. Tagging friends in posts or reposting and retweeting is encouraged.

"Producers that keep a clean silage face should take pride in a job well done," says Dr. Charley "The #HappySilageFace photo contest is a great way for these producers to share with others what goes on at their farms while supporting the future of our industry."

The Silage Doctor is North America"s foremost expert on silage management, and the go-to social media resource for silage management information.

The Silage Doctor also promotes safety first, so when participates are taking their #HappySilageFace picture, they are reminded to make sure they are following safe silage practices and stand back at least 3 times the height of the pile from the front of the face.

Facebook and Twitter users can follow The Silage Doctor on Facebook by visiting, or @TheSilageDoctor on Twitter. Silage management questions can also be submitted to the Silage Doctor via


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