Show Cattle Shot, Killed In Kentucky

Kentucky State Police are investigating the shooting of two show cattle owned by Kyleigh Cline, Butler, KY. ( Facebook )

Kentucky State Police are investigating the shooting deaths of a cow and heifer belonging to 13-year-old Kyleigh Cline, Butler, KY. Cline told WKRC News in Cincinnati, OH, the two were show cattle that she had purchased with her own money.

“We went to a district show, a preview show, our county fair and state fair.” Cline said the cattle were more than just farm animals to her. “I was very upset, but then once I calmed down, I was very mad because they were my family. The were everything to me, and it was very disappointing.”

The cattle would have been shown again this year and the heifer eventually bred to provide cattle for future shows.

“This is a big loss to her,” said Kyleigh’s step-mother Olivia Cline. “This was supposed to be cattle she raised for future show projects, and now we've lost those bloodlines and she's out cows. She has nothing to produce animals for next year.”

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Submitted by Linda L Minten on Thu, 03/07/2019 - 10:27

There is a site on Facebook that I have reported several times and have been told they are not violating rules.... It is called Public Lands Hunt Club and they encourage their members to shoot cows and have even posted pictures of dead animals online. Maybe worth a check into this group. I so wish FB would shut them down.

Submitted by Barbara Romberg on Thu, 03/07/2019 - 13:08

Why do humans have to be such a**hats?