Shhhhh! Chipotle uses CAFO meat!

Chipotle Mexican Grille is offering free viewings of Food, Inc. at local theaters, according to the company's Web site. They also claim the fare at Chipotle is "food with integrity." Chipotle explains that food with integrity is "a philosophy solidly based on a foundation of not exploiting animals, the environment, or people."

Chipotle has been very successful in recent years, growing their business based on good food and service. But they're also guilty of condemning traditional agriculture and using misperceptions to sell their products. For instance, in many Chipotle restaurants the first thing a customer sees upon entering is a large sign proclaiming, "No prescription needed." That's in reference to the fact Chipotle uses pork, beef and chicken from animals raised without antibiotics.

But Chipotle's offer of free tickets to Food, Inc. would not seem to square up with the company's beef procurement. That's because Food, Inc. is critical of beef raised in large feedlots, yet Chipotle claims they buy some of their beef from Harris Ranch, a California operation with 100,000 cattle on feed in an 800-acre facility. Check out this map of the operation. Oops!! Greg Henderson, Drovers editor.