‘Sea Cows’ Survive Hurricane Dorian

This wild cow was found on North Core Banks following Hurricane Dorian in early September. The deep storm surge that flowed from the Pamlico Sound back to the Atlantic Ocean swept her off her home range on Cedar Island over to the barrier island in Cape Lookout National Seashore. She has now been joined by 2 more wild cows that also were washed over to the barrier island during the storm. ( National Park Service/ Jeff West )

Employees of the National Parks Service say three cows have been found roaming Cape Lookout National Seashore on the Outer Banks in North Carolina, and it is believed they are refugees of Hurricane Dorian.

The cattle, part of a feral herd, were living on Cedar Island when the hurricane generated a “mini tsunami” on Sept. 6, sweeping much of the wildlife off the island, including 28 wild horses that perished, according to The Charlotte Observer.

Officials at Cape Lookout National Seashore believe the cows swam the four miles across the Core Sound during Hurricane Dorian. The cattle were discovered about a month after the storm.

The cattle – affectionately known as “sea cows” along the coast – are part of a wild herd that roams private land on Cedar Island.