Ranch of the Week: Gill Red Angus

This week's Ranch of the Week features Gill Red Angus, owned by Larry and Janet Gill, Bryan and Kristen Gill, and Brent and Emily Gill in Timber Lake, South Dakota. You can find them on their website at www.gillredangus.com or on Facebook at Gill Red Angus.

Gill Red Angus is located in North Western SD, 30 miles west of the Missouri River near Timber Lake, SD.  They have been raising and selling Red Angus Seedstock for 36 years.  Since the beginning they have had 2 goals.  The primary focus has been to raise high maternal, sound made cows that in turn will raise high performing, thick made sons.  The cow herd must be deep ribbed and easy fleshing with sound made feet, legs, and udders. 

Bryan, Kristen Hudson, Holden, and Gracen Gill

The second area of focus is the customer and providing the best customer service possible.  They are committed to helping their customers market their steer and heifer calves.  Each year they assist with marketing 20,000+ feeder calves; they purchase about ½ of them either on order or for themselves every year. 

Gill Red Angus runs more than 600 Registered cows divided into 2 different cow herds, one that calves in February and March and one that calves in May and June.  The February and March calving cows raise the yearling bulls and the May and June calving cows raise the bulls they keep over and run on grass and develop into the 2 year old bulls. They hold their annual bull sale in February where they will market 250 bulls, of which 120 will be yearlings and 130 will be coming 2 year olds.

Brent, Emily, Evelyn, and Kendyl Gill

What makes your operation unique?
One of our goals is to provide the best customer service in the seed stock industry.  If you are a Gill Red Angus customer, you qualify for:
1.  Discounted Vet Supplies through several different vet supply businesses throughout the Dakotas.
2.  Marketing Assistance of customers" steers and heifers.  Gill Red Angus purchases either on order or for themselves around 10,000 head a year.
3.  Customer visits - Gill Red Angus does ranch visits to different customers throughout the year to learn more about their operations and identify ways to improve the Gill Red Angus operation that will enhance their value to the customer.

Do you operate under a specific philosophy? Please describe:
Our philosophy is easy.  We follow the Golden Rule, which is to treat others as you would want to be treated.  If an issue shows up with a bull, we stand behind the bull and make it right with the customer. 

How do you track net profit and why?
We do so by having an annual budget we make at the beginning of each fiscal year.  The budget is broken down into months and types of expenses and incomes.  We try to follow the budget as closely as possible; it's not perfect, but it gives us an idea where we are throughout the year.

Do you have a next generation taking over? If so, tell us briefly about your plan.
We are in this phase right now.  Larry and Janet have slowed down, moved to town, and are starting to enjoy life a bit more.  Bryan is 40 years old, his wife Kristen, and 3 boys, Holden, Hudson, and Gracen, made their initial purchase into Gill Red Angus when Bryan was in his 20's and have recently moved back to the ranch to be closer to the daily activities.  Brent, who is 32 years old, his wife Emily and 2 daughters, Evelyn and Kendyl, developed ownership 2 years ago and reside at the ranch headquarters.

What is your vision for your operation 10 years from now? ... 20 years from now?
We plan to keep increasing our cattle numbers in both our bull sale and feed yard.  We are currently feeding 1100 calves at the ranch, both purchased and home raised.  These numbers will increase in the future.  We also plan to increase the number of bulls we market each year by adding more home raised top quality cows to our program. 

Larry and Janet Gill

Do you have a competitive advantage you would tell us about?
Feeders come to this area to purchase some of the best feeder calves in the country.  Our customers and area ranchers have made a reputation for high quality cattle.  We annually sponsor the Red Angus ONLY calf sale in October at Mobridge Livestock.  This fall we sold 6000 Red Angus sired calves.  This is the only sale in the country that sells only Red Angus calves, and also the largest Red Angus influenced sale in the U.S.  As a result, more Red Angus sired calves sell in this area than anywhere else throughout the country.

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