Poll: Average Age of Your Herd|Low-Stress Weaning A Popular Choice

Your production is directly related to the age of the majority of your cowherd. ( University of Nebraska Lincoln )

The age and weight of your cow herd affects every input into your farm or ranch. From the amount of winter hay consumed, condition of teeth, and the cow’s genetic value to progeny, creating efficient cow herd for your environment is key to maximizing profits.

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What is the Best Weaning Strategy?

More ranchers are using low-stress, fence line weaning strategies—a practice that some researchers say improves animal health and lowers stress as calves move to the next stage of production.

In our Drovers.com poll, 10% of respondents say they prefer to send ballers to market, and 14% continue to process and wean in traditional methods.

But a large majority of respondents say they’ve found benefit in low-stress methods. A smaller group say they prefer to reverse the weaning process—by moving the cows to new pasture, leaving the calves in familiar pens.

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