“Plant-Based” Meats Don’t Grow on Vines

What's really in plant-based eggs and sausage? ( CCF )

This week the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) is placing ads in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post highlighting many of the ingredients in fake bacon and fake sausage. With market research finding that almost 40% of plant-based protein consumers want to avoid processed foods, CCF is educating consumers about the catalogue of processed ingredients that are used in fake meats. 

CCF has launched CleanFoodFacts.com to provide a side-by-side analysis of fake meat products and real meat. The ads and website are part of a larger campaign to show the truth behind fake meat and its supposed health benefits.

The Wall Street Journal ad can be found here. The New York Post can be found here.

CCF managing director Will Coggin said, “Despite what the name leads people to believe, ‘plant-based’ meats are made in industrial facilities, not gardens. Fake meat companies are trying to promote a ‘health halo’ over their products, but consumers should know that imitation meat is highly processed and in some cases has more calories and sodium than the real thing.”