Peterson Bros take a break from rapping to show life on the farm

With over 25 million views on their videos, the three Peterson brothers are celebrities in the agricultural world and they"re under the age of 30.

Their viral song parodies of LMFAO"s "I"m Sexy and I Know It" and PSY"s "Gangnam Style" (dubbed "I"m Farming and I Grow It" and "Farmer Style") allow the public a comical look into the mysterious world of farming.

But the boys have a greater purpose for their YouTube channel and 42,000 subscribers.

Greg Peterson, the oldest of the three brothers and an alumnus of Kansas State University, stated in an interview with USA Farm Stars that public education was part of his goal in creating these videos.

He explained, "My roommates from Kansas City and people in urban communities in Kansas had no idea what life was like on the farm, so I thought I needed to change that and make a video of farming."

"What does a farmer do in the winter?" is a puzzling question to those outside the closed community of farmers. The Peterson Brothers" new series of videos, Life of a Farmer, allows viewers to see what happens on the Peterson family farm each month of the year. Each video shows a montage of clips showing and explaining what is taking place and its importance.

These videos capture the young farmers and their parents spreading manure in January, taking cattle to pasture in April and double-cropping wheat in July. While most of the installments show the boys and their father working outside, they show that farming is more than a job: it"s a lifestyle of balancing family and business. 

The brothers have also produced other informational videos about more specific topics. Their video "Wheat Harvest On A Real Family Farm in Kansas" has over 240,000 views. Other topics of their videos include harvesting forages, feeding cattle and baling hay.

If the Peterson brothers demonstrate one thing in their videos, it"s that the future of farming is in capable hands.

Watch the Life of a Farmer series here.


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