PETA’s Billboards Strike Again

PETA plans to put this billboard up along a Minnesota highway to encourage the public to eat vegan. ( PETA )

Hog producers know the lengths activists with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will go to cast a bad light on livestock farmers.

Here’s another.

Earlier this month, a semi trailer hauling fat hogs overturned on Highway 14 in Mankato, Minn. There was about 90 hogs that died in the accident and another 20 or so that were captured on the roadside. The driver suffered minor injuries.

In memorial of the animals lost, PETA says it’s planning to place a billboard as close as possible to the accident site to encourage the public to eat vegan.

“We’re hoping that this billboard will have people who might have heard about this accident thinking it through to their daily choices” around the consumption of meat,” Amber Canavan, PETA spokeswoman, told the Mankato Free Press.

The billboard shows a close-up photo of a pig with the words “I’m ME, not MEAT.” PETA has placed billboards at scenes of similar accidents.

“We want to remind everyone that no animal wants to die a violent death, whether at the side of the road or at a slaughterhouse,” Canavan said.