Perseverance Pays Off

Cattle feeders’ perseverance paid dividends. ( Consolidated Beef Producers )

Cattle feeders’ perseverance paid dividends as they held out for steady to higher cash trade in all feeding regions.  The south found sales of $112 per cwt in both Kansas and Texas.  Packers were not as aggressive as for cattle as they were the previous week, but most feeders were able to get the numbers moved that they wanted. 

The trade in the north was steady to higher in most areas.  Dressed trade was monthly $183 per cwt, and the cash trade was up to $115.  The north continues to trade premium to the south area due to lower numbers of available market ready cattle.

Show list numbers are anticipated to increase as we go through the month of August.  Beef demand has been abnormally strong for this time of year.  If this trend continues, we have potential to keep cattle prices steady to stronger as we finish out the summer and head into early fall.