Packer’s Need for Cattle Pushed Cash Market Higher

What began as a dismal start in the cash trade early last week, shifted into a more positive direction on Friday.  
( Consolidated Beef Producers )

What began as a dismal start in the cash trade early last week, with a large volume of cattle trading at $117 to $118 cwt, shifted into a more positive direction on Friday.  

With packers still needing to fill some holes for this week, cattle still available commanded $119 to $120 cwt in the South, and $121 to $122 cwt or $190 dressed in the North.

Brad Hulett
Brad Hulett, marketing representative for Consolidated Beef Producuers

The lingering effects of the recent storm through Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa are yet to be determined on the available cattle supply. 

However, from every indication the packer continues to chew up available inventory which should continue to be a plus for the feeder.  Cattle feeders are starting to find themselves in a position to have more leverage in the market, without fear of getting cattle backed up. 

After the higher trade at the end of last week, many feeders feel that the market may have turned in their favor.  The opportunity could be short-term, but as the storms in the north push cattle farther back, the south’s numbers continue to dwindle. 


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