Oregon Wolves Guilty of 7 Dead Cattle, Attacks Again on New Year's Day

After killing seven cattle last year, a wolf pack in Oregon started the New Year off by attacking and injuring a calf that was later euthanized. ( U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service )

The Rogue Pack in Oregon was responsible for a number of depredation cases in 2018 with several ending up with cattle dead. To start out New Year’s Day for 2019 the pack had another confirmed attack on a cattle herd after injuring a calf in Jackson County.

According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), on the morning of Jan. 1, 2019, a rancher went out to his private-land pasture and discovered a five month old calf with a number of injuries. The 235 lb. calf had 2 foot of intestines coming from the anus and trauma around the hindquarters and abdomen.  

It is estimated the attack occurred less than 12 hours prior to the discovery. The calf was later euthanized at the site because of the severity of the injuries.

A necropsy was conducted at the ODFW office where more than 100 tooth scrapes were found on the calf. The bite marks and location of the bites were consistent with other attacks by wolves.

Last year the Rogue Pack killed seven cattle starting in late-October, including cases on that property and another attack just 10 days before.

The Rogue Pack ranges in an area south of Crater Lake between Jackson and Klamath County. It was first recognized in 2014.

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