Online Meat and Data Companies Partner to Understand Future Customers

Crowd Cow offers meat from many farms online. ( Crowd Cow )

The 2015 startup web platform Crowd Cow allows consumers to select specific farms for their preferred, high-quality beef cuts. Now, it is using consumers’ data to provide an even more personalized experience.

Crowd Cow is partnering with Midan Marketing to study consumers’ behaviors when purchasing meat, according to an article published by Meat+Poultry.

“This partnership will allow us to combine Midan’s meat and research knowledge and experience with Crowd Cow’s e-commerce expertise to learn how to best serve consumers and increase satisfaction,” said Michael Uetz, principal at Midan Marketing, in the article.

Crowd Cow sells “shares” of an animal, processing an order when the entire animal is sold. A network of independent ranchers offers a variety of products including Kagoshima A5 Wagyu beef from Japan.

According to Midan’s website, it has grown from co-founders Uetz and Danette Amstein in 2004 to now more than 70 employees in two locations: Chicago, Ill., and Moorseville, N.C. Uetz and Amstein both have agricultural roots, and Joe Heitzebert said in the Meat+Poultry article this caught his eye.

“We have created a platform that allows us to personalize the online shopping experience and to deliver perishable meat products directly,” Heitzebert said. “We were impressed to learn about Midan’s passion for and expertise within the meat industry.”

While both companies are already pioneers in the agricultural marketplace, they are looking toward the future.

“Crowd Cow’s success thus far demonstrates their innovative approach to online meat commerce and their ability to help move our industry forward,” Uetz said.

Heitzebert told Meat+Poultry he plans to bring attention to consumers’ needs and preferences. According to the Cash Cow website, the company itself has already received much attention from media outlets such as Forbes, CNBC and the Rachel Ray Show.

“We believe partnering with Midan will allow us to better understand the meat eaters of tomorrow,” Heitzebert said.

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