ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference Explores Global Food Supply Chain

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The agriculture industry has been presented with a great responsibility — to produce enough safe, nutritious food for all, while caring for our animals and sustaining our air, water and land for future generations. To explore innovative solutions to the challenges facing the global food supply chain today, ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference (ONE) returns May 17–19, 2020, in Lexington, Ky. 
“Science, technology and human ingenuity converge at ONE,” said Dr. Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech. “The topics up for discussion reflect the extraordinary opportunity our industry has to adopt new ideas for producing enough safe, nutritious food for all while preserving our planet.” 
With universal themes of innovation, inclusion and inspiration, ONE invites everyday heroes from various industries to unleash the power of infinite ideas. More than 40 topics* are slated for discussion at ONE, including:    
•    Analyzing the Impact: Examining the Environmental Hoofprint of Beef 
•    The Vital Role of Livestock in Reversing Climate Change and Desertification 
•    Sunny With a High Chance of Cattle: The Ag Market Outlook 
Crop Science
•    The World Beneath Our Feet: The Intricate Dance That Takes Place in Our Soils
•    How Farmers Are Advancing Human Health Through Functional Foods 
•    On the Defense: Using Beneficial Compounds to Induce Resistance in Plants 
•    Dairy Cattle Welfare: Essential for Animals, Producers and Consumers 
•    No Antibiotics, No Problem: Inside Rosy-Lane Holsteins’ Transformation
•    How Herd Management Practices Can Minimize Lameness 
•    The Great Disruption: ASF and the Global Protein Market 
•    The Impact of Organic Minerals and Heat Stress on Health 
•    Which Tech Trends Are Transforming Swine Production?
•    Mind Over Matter: The Power of Mental Toughness 
•    Four Habits of Digital Transformers 
•    Next-Level Leadership: Elevating the Multigenerational Workforce 
Future of Food
•    Project Drawdown: Farming to Reverse Climate Change 
•    Meatless Protein: Sustainable Alternative or Over-Processed Panacea? 
•    What If Farmers Could Get Paid to Fight Climate Change? 
*Topics are subject to change. 
Alltech’s flagship conference is attended annually by more than 3,000 people representing 70 countries. Attendees are invited to embark on area tours and network with peers from across the globe, according to a company release. International Night will offer a multicultural exploration of cuisine and entertainment from around the world, while Kentucky Night showcases the sights and sounds of the Bluegrass State from within the famed Kentucky Horse Park.   
Learn more and register at by Feb. 29 to save $200. Follow ONE on Facebook for updates and join the conversation on Twitter with #ONEbigidea.

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