October Dairy Comp Courses

Register now for one of three online DairyCOMP 305 Courses. Registration ends Monday, Oct. 3. Courses start Monday, Oct. 17and end Monday, Dec. 12. 

Developed by Dr. Paul Rapnicki, DVM, MBA, University of Minnesota, in collaboration with Valley Agricultural Software, these online courses are the best resource for DairyCOMP305 proficiency.

Introduction to DairyCOMP305: Basic Level 1 Course

Eight CE credits from the University of Minnesota or 8 CEU's from ARPAS. This eight-unit, self-paced introductory course requires no previous DairyCOMP 305 experience! At the end of this course you will be able to navigate the DairyCOMP305 software like a pro after having worked through a customized hands-on demonstration version. Click here for an in-depth explanation of each unit.

DairyCOMP305 BREDSUM: Level 2 Course

Four CE credits from the University of Minnesota or four CEU's from ARPAS. The four-unit, self-paced course is designed to help you comprehend the DC305 mechanics of running the BREDSUM command, as well as the information provided in various BREDSUM reports. You will examine the BREDSUM report format and cover in detail the most commonly used BREDSUM options. 

DairyCOMP205 Somatic Cell Count: Level 2 Course

Four CE credits from the University of Minnesota or four CEU's from ARPAS. This four-unit, self-paced course exposes you to the countless Somatic Cell Count (SCC) report options of DairyCOMP 305. Evaluating SCC data is an excellent approach to assessing the milk quality and mastitis control program of a dairy herd. During the course you will practice creating SCC reports using a DEMO version of the DairyCOMP 305 software program. At the end of the course you will have increased your ability to create DC305 reports using SCC data provided by a Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA) and downloaded into a DC305 cowfile. 

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