Noble Foundation releases livestock recordkeeping app

Noble Foundation releases livestock recordkeeping appWith continuous technology advancements, production agriculture is more efficient and mobile than ever before.

As part of The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation's focus on advancing agriculture, the organization has released a mobile recordkeeping app as part of its Junior Beef Excellence Program. The app will provide FFA and 4-H students with the ability to capture key pieces of information from the field as they raise steers for competition. While the app is designed for students, it can be used by any producer.

"We wanted to create an app that would provide anyone the ability to track animal performance out in the field, in the palm of their hand," said Bryan Nichols, Junior Beef program coordinator. "A student or producer can create an animal profile for which they wish to keep records, whether it be cattle, hogs, sheep, etc."

The app is titled Noble Jr. Beef Journal and is available for free via download on iTunes and Google Play. There is a web-based version of the app that can be used on computers as well.

With this app, users will be able to:


  • Create multiple steer profiles.
  • Nominate steers for the Noble Foundation's Junior Beef Excellence Program recordkeeping and interview contest.
  • Record steer identifiers, such as ear tag numbers.
  • Log body weight measurements.
  • Log steer health conditions and medical treatments.
  • Log feeding information.
  • Write journal entries.
  • Upload photos to document and enhance log and journal entries.
  • Record an overall performance summary.
  • View a complete, detailed report of all steer recordkeeping activity for use in competitive programs that have recordkeeping requirements.


To download the app, please visit For more information about the app or Junior Beef Excellence Program, please contact Bryan Nichols at 580.224.6523.