Nevada Ranch Formerly Owned by Bing Crosby Selling for $7.3 Million

A Nevada ranch previously owned by Bing Crosby has been listed to sell for $7.3 million at a rate of $2,457 per acre. ( California Outdoor Properties )

A nearly 3,000 acre ranch in Nevada once owed by the late singer and actor Bing Crosby has been listed to sell for $7.3 million.

The Lawson Ranch has been listed for sale by California Outdoor Properties with 2,971.5 acres of deeded property for sale. The asking price comes to approximately $2,457 per acre. The ranch traces its roots back to the 1860’s when it was homesteaded.

The property located 45 miles north of Elko, Nev., was purchased by Crosby in the 1940s when the “White Christmas” crooner started buying land in the area. At one time Crosby owned seven properties near the town of Elko, which served as a get away from Hollywood during the height of his acting and singing career.

The ranch is located just five miles from the highway and is adjacent to a National Forest. The property has some of the oldest water rights in Nevada, according the real estate listing.

Currently, the Lawson Ranch is grazed by more than 600 Angus cow-calf pairs that are ran through an all-natural, non-hormone treated cattle (NHTC) program. Six center pivots help irrigate hay ground on the property and there are two enclosed barns available for hay storage.

The main residence has been renovated to serve as a bed & breakfast. It is nearly 5,000 sq. ft. with five bedrooms and five bathrooms. There are three additional homes that could be used for guests or employees.

A large heat shop is available to do repairs at the ranch and has enclosed storage facility for machinery or heavy equipment. Also, there is a 2,800 ft. long by 100 ft. wide private airstrip with a large aircraft hangar.

Crosby’s Ranching More Than a Pastime

While Crosby was known for his performances in musical movies like “High Society” and “The Country Girl,” he also had a rich history with Western culture. He acted in Westerns like “Stagecoach” and “Son of Paleface.” Crosby sang a cover of the song “Don’t Fence Me In” that would sell millions of copies and be inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. In 1939, he even recorded a 12 song album of Cowboy Songs.

Crosby would buy his first ranch near Elko when he acquired the Quarter Circle S in 1944. He would purchase six more ranches in the area, including the Lawson Ranch, which he would own until 1958.

“He never acted like a movie star when he was there. The ranches were his getaway, where he could fish on his own property, fire a gun if he wanted to, and he made friends with all his neighbors,” said Carolyn Schneider, the famous singer’s niece in an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Crosby’s love of the West started in 1936 when he starred in the cowboy musical “Rhythm on the Range.”

In Crosby’s autobiography he is quoted as saying that he could “mind my own business” while riding on horseback, caring for cattle, hunting or fishing on his Nevada ranches.