Need Your Day Brightened? #CalvesForSmiles Has You Covered

Another adorable calf part of the #CalvesForSmiles hashtag on Twitter. ( Twitter: @Urban_Meets_Ag )

Baby animals are adorable. We in agriculture might be a little biased, but our baby animals are the cutest. 

In an attempt to brighten Twitter, user Kellie Lasack created the hashtag for everyone to show off their new babies.

Thus, one of the best hashtags to be part of Ag Twitter was born: #CalvesForSmiles.

Look at this little guy catching some rays and Vitamin D, strategically placed by the hay if he wants a snack.

Here's Robert, flashing his best side to the camera.

But not everyone is as eager to pose for the camera.

Sometimes your mom tries to get in on the action as well.

But it's ok because you're still at the age where it's cool to be twinning with your mom.

It's not just calves from the U.S. getting attention! These calves from the UK aren't missing an opportunity to show the internet how cute they are.

You've got to show off your humans, too.

With all these pictures, you need to set yourself apart from everyone else.

Accidents are acceptable when they're as cute as this calf.

You've earned the right to be a camera ham when you're this adorable.