Nebraska Claims Home to Good Life and Great Steaks

Nebraska Beef Council ( NBC )

The Nebraska Beef Council is teaming up with the Rural Radio Network to highlight the pride Nebraskans have for the state’s beef industry while also helping to place beef meals on the tables of those in need.
Using the message of “Good Life. Great Steaks.” the campaign is designed to raise awareness for the importance of the beef industry in Nebraska. As a leader in U.S. beef production, over eight billion pounds of beef from Nebraska are distributed each year across the country and around the world. The emphasis on beef production over the years has even earned Nebraska the nickname of The Beef State.
“When people think of Nebraska they think of beef. We’ve been raising cattle in our state for generations and as Nebraskans, we can be proud of that,” said Buck Wehrbein, board chairman for the Nebraska Beef Council. “The farmers and ranchers in our state take a lot of pride in supplying the world with a quality food source.”

Nebraskans can now purchase “Good Life. Great Steaks.” T-shirts to show off their pride for the state’s beef industry. The proceeds from the shirt sales will go to the food banks in Nebraska helping to supply beef meals to fellow Nebraskans in need.
“Beef is a nutritious, high quality protein that is important to maintaining a healthy diet,” said Mitch Rippe, director of nutrition and education at the Nebraska Beef Council. “Food insecurity often leads to poor eating habits so this campaign will help keep nutritious food on the table for families throughout the state.”
T-shirts are available for purchase online at