Nebraska Cattlemen Group Wants Street Name Changed to Cattle Drive

Rustic crossroads sign out in the country.
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The Nebraska Cattlemen's Association will soon be moving into a new building on a Lincoln street that the group would like to be renamed.

The Lincoln City Council is expected to vote Monday on changing the name of two Lincoln streets in order to give the trade association a special address: 4611 Cattle Drive.

But city planning director David Cary told the Lincoln Journal Star that changing street names “doesn’t happen all that often, and actually we would like to keep it that way.”

As it stands, the building is being built on Discovery Drive, a short street in Nebraska Technology Park. There already is a Cattle Drive in the northeast of the city. Only four houses abut that street, and none has an address on Cattle Drive. Documents signed by the homeowners and presented to the City Council during a public hearing show none of the owners cares if the name is changed to Mustang Drive.

City planners are recommending that the council deny the changes, Cary said, because of the potential that it will encourage future more cumbersome and expensive requests.

But if the city were to allow name changes, this request would appear to have the right conditions, he said. It affects a small number of properties and the name is not a specific business name.

The group plans to move to the new building in late February. The new space provides double the room at its rented office about a 10-minute walk from the Capitol. The new building is about a 10-minute drive from there.