#NationalFarmersDay Trends on Social Media

Every day is an important day to thank farmers for their hard work, but today is especially important.
( Pexels )

October 12 is National Farmer’s Day and some farmers are sharing their story on social media. Scroll down to take a look at some of these popular posts:

Despite some early snowflakes, Sarah Mcnaughton dedicated this picture “to the most resilient and hard-working group of people.”

James Madison University took some time to share this piece of farming history. Check out this photo of a female farmer back in 1947!

Joan Ruskamp snapped this picture of a future beef farmer in Nebraska.

Take a look at this historic “wonder hog” operation.

Sharing a harvest photo, Jennifer Woodyard thanked two of her favorite farmers.

This Tweet thanked not only today’s farmers, but tomorrow’s future farmers as well.

Even President Trump took to Twitter for #NationalFarmersDay, making sure to mention the new United States Mexico Canada Agreement replacing the North American Free Trade Agreement.

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