Nalivka: Let's Refrain From Turning Good Discussion Into Laws

The beef industry continues to evolve and change is the watchword. Many or perhaps most of the changes are good for the industry including ranchers.  Of course, it is important for cattlemen to not only be aware of critical changes that are impacting the market but to also understand how this impacts your production practices. 

Making key decisions that incorporate structural and market changes into how you manage your cattle and ranching operation can be positive to the bottom line on your financial statement.  And, those decisions can also have a positive impact on your ranch resources.  These decisions may involve retained ownership, cattle market weights, market timing, and grazing.  In addition, there is increasing demand for source verification, and records to support production practices.   But, ultimately, the word that keeps coming to the forefront of all the discussion is sustainability.

The U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (USRSB) in early November released a report talking about guidelines and metrics for all aspects of beef production including land resources, animal health and well-being, and employee safety and well-being.  These are all things that cattlemen and ranch owners should think about and improve upon.  However, I continue to struggle with where this all leads and more important, how do you get there.  This is an important question because at the end of the day, it becomes the difference between you or someone else making decisions for your ranch.  To this point, these “sustainability” initiatives have been voluntary.  Incorporating recommendations into your beef production operation are your decision with regard to why, when, and how. 

The impending problem may be how sustainability is perceived`.   Animal welfare and the environment can be pretty hefty issues with the general population.  That may not necessarily create a problem until those groups with a radical view want to help you make decisions.

I may have a tendency to dwell on sustainability.  But, I strongly believe in private property rights.  Your decisions must be aligned with the goal of best practices regarding your livestock, your land, and long term profitability.  I am in favor of the discussion.  I am not in favor of turning the discussion into laws and regulations.



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Submitted by Juliezamuct on Mon, 11/27/2017 - 03:30

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Submitted by Ted Hughes on Mon, 11/27/2017 - 10:42

I am in total agreement with this article. I will state up front that I have been helped tremendously by information from UGA Extension, NRCS, USDA and friends and neighbors, and I have made my farm available for many research programs and tests. I enjoy visits from anyone who can be helped or be of help. But I am not in favor of laws that take decision-making away from me.

Submitted by Joe on Tue, 11/28/2017 - 14:20

Your crazy if you think this is good...this is a land grab by NGO.
That want to control You and everone.....look up AGENDA 21.

In reply to by Ted Hughes (not verified)

Submitted by Colleen Michaels on Tue, 11/28/2017 - 07:33

I hope the beef industry wakes up and sees what is REALLY happening!! The easiest way is to see what has happened to the American dairy industry. In the FALSE names of 'sustainability', 'animal welfare', and 'consumer trust', a SMALL group of large farms-FALSELY proclaiming to be 'the voice of ALL dairy farmers'-started a 'self-policing' program that was FORCED upon the overwhelming majority of dairies as the processing companies have greatly monopolized. The NCBA was on the panels that made these regulations-along with various other groups such as the WWF and other World-Government control groups that have NO STAKE in ANY animal industry. Severe regulations were imposed regarding a FORCED '3rd party' audit, FORCED veterinary care regardless of costs involved, and SEVERE FORCED animal husbandry methods regardless of finances or safety of animal handlers. This is NOT a voluntary program-if you dont sign the papers agreeing to this-they will NOT purchase your milk-and since they have monopolized the market, there is no place to sell your milk. With government regulations being severe, dairies can NOT afford to process their own milk. This is pushing most of the smaller dairies (that had survived the previous low prices) out of business. There is NO FINANCIAL COMPENSATION for these regulations!! I am fighting this legally but it will take years in court. PLEASE DONT BE FOOLISH and allow this to get a 'foothold'-it WILL destroy the beef industry as it has the dairy industry!!!!

Submitted by Joe on Tue, 11/28/2017 - 14:14

I agree sustainable is a dangerous movement, nothing more then a Trojan horse for a environmental group to get control of your private property right's ......WWF "Who is behind GRSB "goal is to eliminate animal why are these Ag and Beef association following so blindly........follow the Money!
Why is NCBA behind it ?...because the Packers want to vertical integrate the beef industry!....looks like to me the cattle man I under attack and with the partnership between NCBA,WWF, and the Check off program we are buying them the do so!