More Than 100 Cattle Stolen In NE Oklahoma

The theft of more than 100 cattle near Pryor, Okla., represents losses of more than $100,000, rancher says. ( . )

Oklahoma authorities are investigating the theft of more than 100 cattle from a ranch near Pryor. Owner Debbie Ringling says 84 cows and several calves are missing from her pasture.

Last Wednesday Ringling said she received a call from her son about some missing cows. Initially she believed the cows were in the trees or otherwise not visible. But, Ringling told KFOR News 4, the cows have not been seen since.

“I don’t know what happened to them but they’re not here,” she said.

She believes the cattle were lured through a damaged fence that divides her land from the Mayes County Fairgrounds. She said most of the animals are black Angus cows with yellow or orange ear tags and have a double “II” brand on the right hip or right shoulder. Ringling estimates the loss at more than $100,000. She is now left with 14 cows and 21 calves.

“There’s a large chance that the 14 cows I have, that none of them are their calves,” she said.

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