Minnesota Man's $300,000 Bad Check for Cattle Results in Guilty Plea

After writing a bad check for $300,000 to buy cattle, a man in Minnesota has plead guilty to his crime. ( freeimages.com )

A man from Minnesota who purchased more than 200 head of cattle with a bad check worth $300,000 has plead guilty for his crime.

Jason Langerud, 39, of Hawley entered a guilty plea for felony theft by insufficient funds. In December 2017, Langerud wrote the bad check for $300,000 to purchase cattle from a man in Brown County, S.D.

An agreement had been started in 2015 by Langerud and the man in South Dakota where the annual sales proceeds from calves would be split between the two. The split was supposed to be 70-30, with Langerud getting the majority because the cattle were grazing on his property. However, court paperwork indicates the business partner did not get paid in 2016 or 2017.

Last year the man from South Dakota opted to sell the cattle and gave Langerud the chance to purchase the cattle. This is when Langerud wrote the bad check, says Ernest Thompson, deputy state's attorney for Brown County.

As part of Langerud’s guilty plea he’ll receive a 10-year suspended prison sentence with a requirement of 30 days in jail. Langerud will be credited with six days served. He’ll also be on probation for five years and fined $104. Langerud has been ordered to pay $300,000 in restitution for the cattle.

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