Manure’s Impact on Yield, Nitrogen, and Carbon

Research demonstrates that animal manures can produce both environmental and productivity benefits over the commercial fertilizer it replaces.

( Rick Koelsch, University of Nebraska Extension )

Manure is often viewed by many as an environmental liability. However, if manure is applied at rates equal to or less than the nitrogen (N) requirement of a crop, can manure produce environmental benefits over commercial fertilizer? This was the focus of an Asian research group which summarized the results of 141 published studies ( from Asia, Europe, and the U.S. comparing manure substitution for fertilizer. This article summarizes the “Take Home Messages” from this research paper. 

The average of all grain related trials demonstrated a 5% increase in yield for manured fields (see Box A in Figure 1 The authors suggested that manure increases soil microbial biomass N ( )(see Box B in Figure 1, the living component of soil organic matter. As organic material is decomposed, MBN is slowly converted to inorganic N at a time more in sync with crop N uptake, improving crop N uptake and crop yield. In addition, the authors suggest that the increased levels of other nutrients and improvements in soil physical properties also contributed to observed yield increases.

Peak increases in yield of 13% were observed when manure was applied at 50 to 75% of crop N requirements. Attempting to substitute more than 75% of the crop N requirement with manure often produced reduced yields. It is important to recognize the complimentary roles that manure and commercial fertilizer can play in a crop fertility program.

Commercial fertilizers add mineral N to our soils (ammonium and nitrate-N). Manures add a mix of organic and mineral N. Beef feedlot manure and poultry litter are about 90% organic-N. Slurry manures from swine and dairy operations may be roughly equal parts organic and mineral-N. Mineral N is more susceptible to environmental loss to the air and water. 

Minimizing mineral N in soils while meeting crop nutrient requirement protects our water and air resources. Replacing fertilizer with manure resulted in decreased ammonium (NH4) losses to air and N losses to surface and ground water by more than 25% (see Box C in Figure 1 These benefits were observed regardless of crop, manure type or substitution rate. The authors attributed these environmental benefits to both improvements in crop N use efficiency and greater N storage as microbial biomass nitrogen that is released closer to crop’s N utilization timing.

This study also reported increases in water stable aggregates and cation exchange capacity for manure amended soils; this helps hold ammonium-N in the root zone until the crop can use it. Previous articles have summarized the benefits of manure for increasing soil aggregates ( and preventing nutrient and erosion losses ( to surface water.

This review also highlighted the benefits of manure for increasing soil organic C. Much of this increase in soil C was in the form of soil microbial biomass C ( see Box D in Figure 1 Manure provides an energy source for soil microbes, which significantly increases soil microbial activity and improves soil storage of both N and C in soil organisms (see Michigan State University Extension Publication – Manure effects on soil organism and soil quality 

Increasing soil C levels can increase the risk of greenhouse gas emissions. However, this study suggested there were no changes observed in emissions of potent greenhouse gases, nitrous oxide (N2O) and methane (CH4). However, some increase was observed in CO2 emissions due to greater soil microbial activity. Overall, manured soils proved to be a sink for carbon in upland fields, thus benefitting the environment. 

Substituting manure for commercial fertilizer has positive societal benefits for food security (increased yields) and for environmental protection (less nitrogen loss and lower greenhouse gas emissions). Not addressed by this review is potential phosphorus losses to surface water. Manure is known to reduce erosion and runoff losses but phosphorus loss can increase if soil P levels are allowed to increase above optimum levels for crop production (see previous article 

Thus, a strategy for increasing yields and protecting the environment will include applying manure:

  • At or below crop N requirements (plus some supplemental commercial fertilizer N often including a starter fertilizer at planting) and 
  • To the same field only after soil P levels return to levels required for optimum crop production.

Yes, manure substitution for fertilizer can benefit our environment.

Reference: Xia, L., S. Lam, X. Yan, D. Chen. 2017. How does recycling of livestock manure in agroecosystems affect crop productivity, reactive nitrogen losses, and soil carbon balance? Environ. Sci. Technol. 7450-7457.


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These benefits were observed regardless of crop, manure type or substitution rate.
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