Manitoba PEDv outbreak grows

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv) is unrelenting, and the latest outbreak in Manitoba, Canada, shows all pork producers, even in the U.S., should not let their biosecurity guard down.

Manitoba Pork reports the province's first on-farm case of PEDv this year was confirmed at a batch-farrow sow barn in late May, more than a year since the last case was reported in the province. A second case was confirmed in a Manitoba finishing barn a week later.

"Epidemiological investigation is ongoing. Direct and indirect contacts and farms within 5 km (3 miles) of the site are being contacted," stressed Manitoba Pork.

Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development provided an update on June 4, stating

tests confirmed PEDv on another sow farm in the province.

The latest outbreak was confirmed less than a month after the Canadian Food Inspection ended Canada's emergency temporary truck washing requirements that had been implemented at the height of the country's PEDv outbreak.

The requirement forced transporters returning from delivering pigs to U.S. farms to wash and disinfect at certified Canadian facilities.

As PORK Network Editor JoAnn Alumbaugh wrote in an update here, the emergency temporary truck washing requirement had been successful in keeping PEDv from infecting Western Canada's pig farmers.

"Along with other strict biosecurity measures, this washing protocol has kept the PED virus at bay even though Manitoba continues to ship almost three million weanlings to U.S. finishing farms each year," said Manitoba Pork.

Manitoba is Canada's top pork-producing and pig-exporting province, accounting for nearly 30% of Canada's national pig production in 2015. Last year, an estimated 114.6 million lb. of pork and pork products were produced in the province. Click here to read more.